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Welcome to Lake City Classics. I am outside of Watertown, South Dakota. I buy and sell older vehicles and parts. Most of my interests are 1930s through early 60s, especially the mid to late 50s.

Most of my parts cars end up coming through my shop and getting totally stripped and then the shells are hauled away. I sell a lot of parts on Ebay and currently have many listed under user id “highpockets58”. I do ship worldwide also. It is totally amazing the number of old American cars that are in foreign countries.┬áThis site is under construction, but I will be working to get a lot of my parts listed on here also. I am a Ford guy, but probably sell mostly Mopar parts. I do somewhat specialize in the 46, 47, 48 Plymouths and also the 55 to 59 Mopars in general. I am always looking to buy parts, parts cars and projects in these years, so if you have any, or know of any, please contact me. Finder’s fees paid.

I don’t generally have complete parts cars or projects for sale, but when I do, I will have them here under Cars. I do have some vehicles in there that belong to some friends. Check those out and please let them know you found them here. I will also list cars that I am either currently parting out or ones coming in soon, in the Cars category. Most of my smaller parts are sold on Ebay. The bigger hard to ship parts like doors, hoods, glass, etc. I will get put on here under the Parts category. We are still working on the Auction category. When finished, the Auction category will be my current parts that I have on Ebay. When you click on the Auctions tabs, my auctions will appear first and then all other Ebay items matching your search will appear. We have set this site up to filter most of the junky, imported, “fits all” items out, so searching for your parts through our web link will get you to the parts you really want to look at and filter out all the clutter. We will also have a search area. In the Toys category, you will find some of my past and present cars, my son’s cars and some past, present and future projects. In the Hidden Treasures category are pictures, little descriptions or short stories about some of the cars I have looked at over the years. I don’t currently have hardly any of these, most I have never owned, just took pictures of them. I don’t hunt, fish, gamble or have any other time/money consuming hobbies. Searching the dirt roads and tree groves for old vehicles has been my “hobby” for 40+ years. Locating and “saving” an oldie is almost as fun as driving one. I always think back to the day when the car was sold new. The excited new owners, family and neighbors all crowding around to see it. And then, the things the car went through in it’s lifetime. I have seen a lot of 50s and 60s cars where, according to the license plate, only got driven for 5-6 years. This is only a small portion of the pictures I have and will be adding to it as time allows. Most of these are in order by make and there is a group of orphans together,,,Hudsons, Packards, etc. So, please, browse around. This is still a work in progress, so we appreciate your patience while we get the bugs worked out.

We do have a Forum setup for comments. We are also maybe going to have a category forum for parts, cars, parts wanted, etc. A Chat section is in the plan also.

Check back here often, because I will be adding more info and pictures regularly.